Why attend my workshop ?

There are two parts to photography. The technical part which is relatively easy to learn with diligence and time. Then there is the aesthetic part which is a more ethereal concept and much more difficult to master. Guidelines of exposure control, paying attention to the nuances of light and tonality, color management etc. are all milestones on that journey. But the most important factor is being able to develop the ability to see beyond the obvious.To be able to recognise the beauty in the barren, the magic in the mundane and render it in such a way that it becomes obvious for all to see.It is true that to a certain extent this is an inherent talent however in my opinion it is possible to cultivate this “sense of seeing” with exposure to proper knowledge and constant practice. This has been my personal goal in expressing myself creatively and developing a style that feels true to my own nature.

I Sincerely hope to meet you in the field and share this form of creative vision with you. As a mentor I aspire to facilitate your individual creative process, to fine tune personal style, nurture artistic ability and to learn to appreciate the true joy that this process brings to the artist.The workshops I conduct are confined to small group size and customized to suit individual goals. From subject selection to image acquisition to image rendition all steps of the creative process are analysed and optimized. I sincerely believe that such focused learning results in accelerated growth.

The domestic workshops are geared towards a maximum of 4-5 participants and the International workshops for 6-7 participants. The number is increased only if a second instructor is included in teaching during the workshop. The small group size is to make it possible to provide individual attention to each participant and work towards their personal goals.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at docreddy@yahoo.com

Majestic Yosemite


4th-7th May 2023

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Colors of California (2 spots)


4 th - 9 th October 2022

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Autumn in Utah Badlands


14 th - 18 th October 2022

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Beauty of the Bayou (Sold out)


1 st - 5 th November 2022

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Mystic Forest (Sold Out)


2 nd - 5 th June 2022

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Bhutan (2 spots)


May 15th -23rd 2023

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Bali and Java (2 spots)


3rd to 11th September 2022

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Drama of Death Valley (Sold out)


9th - 13th March 2022



❝ While attending a photography workshop with Sapna Reddy, not only did she make sure we got to the most interesting places at the right time for the best light, she offered technical knowledge, constructive critique, and tips for moving forward with our photography. She also taught our small group some editing techniques and ways to more effectively use our equipment. It’s always enjoyable to share photography with like-minded individuals through a workshop experience. But it is especially rewarding when the leader is fully engaged in helping each participant improve their skills. If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop with Sapna, DO IT! ❞

~ Nadeem Flynn

❝ I joined Sapna for the Mystic Forest workshop, and everything was perfect.  The small group size ensured all of the individual attention anyone wanted, and minimized our impact on the forest.  It was very helpful to learn some of the in-field processes Sapna uses to create her beautiful images.  Her familiarity with the area gave us great composition opportunities.  I went home with many quality images for my portfolio. ❞

~ Roger Fisher

❝ The Mystic Forest Workshop with Sapna Reddy was incredible!  She knew exactly where to go for some beautiful compositions.  Sapna was knowledgable, friendly and diligent about helping each one of us.  I have booked another workshop with her and am looking forward to another wonderful experience. Thanks Sapna! ❞

~ Kalpana Menon

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed to make at least five images worth printing on a big canvas. My passion for photography was reignited, thanks to Sapna. Her zeal and energy to make sure I got all the opportunities to get great shots is unbelievable. I learned so much in the Colors of California workshop. Plus the experience was surreal. Beautiful scenery-snow covered mountains, frozen lakes, peace and quiet, spectacular sunrise and sunsets, it felt like we were on a different planet. It was such a wonderful experience that I did another photo workshop recently with Sapna in Death Valley. I will be going to Redwood forest in June and California fall colors in October and hoping to attend many more of her workshops.

~Bharat Desai

The Fire and Ice Workshop in Iceland was my first workshop with Sapna, a very memorable trip full of great locations, and photography tips/insights to build my confidence througout the trip.

Understanding how Sapna sees the Photographic opportunity of a location and how she wants to capture the scene is invaluable. I am looking forward to an opportunity to attend another wowrkshop lead by Sapna in the coming year.

~James Valent