Autumn in Utah Badlands

14 th - 18 th October, 2022 ($2995)

Experience Autumn in the Badlands of Utah with Sapna Reddy and Jess Santos

Imagine a landscape so unique that astronauts are trained here for landing on planet Mars. This part of Utah has places that feel like you are on a different planet. With large wilderness sections embellished with unique colors, textures and architecture. the region offers much to explore and photograph.

A diverse landscape of hidden canyons and spectacular rock formations strewn across the desert. We plan to be in the desert at a time when autumn colors burst across the surreal landscape. The vibrant colors of the shimmering cottonwood groves against a backdrop of towering steel blue buttes create a juxtaposition of color and texture perfect for capturing compelling compositions.

Autumn in Utah Badlands


Workshop commences at 4pm on Friday Oct 14th.
Workshop will end mid morning on Tuesday Oct 18th.
Detailed itinerary will be emailed to participants one month before the start of the workshop along with packing list.
Group size is limited to 8 students with two instructors to ensure that everyone receives our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.

This workshop will require mild to moderate hiking (no more than 3 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.

During our journey in the field you will learn:
-How to distill the scene before you to create an evocative image.
-Find compelling compositions that convey a strong visual story.
-Observing the nuances of light and finding the best light for the scene.
-Focus stacking, focal length blend, and perspective blend.
-Mastering the technical details of image capture including bracketing and exposure blend.
-Choice of focal length and creative ways to use lens distortion.
-Using filters.

During the dedicated post processing sessions you will learn:
-Planning your shoot. Learn to predict weather using apps.
-Blend multiple exposures as well as images in photoshop.
-Final image rendition for focus stacking using Photoshop and Helicon focus.
-Learning how to use luminosity masks for tonal adjustments.
-Specific steps that can be taken in post processing to strengthen the visual pathway through your image.


Autumn in Utah Badlands

Meet Jess Santos

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion for the desert long precedes her passion for photography. Having a strong academic foundation in art and a degree in Graphic design, Jess has always been a passionate artist. Her passion for the desert and art comes through vividly in her imagery. She spends sleepless nights chasing the vibrant colors of desert landscapes and the distant flow of the Milky Way.

She is captivated by new and varying ecosystems and especially fascinated with life in extreme environments. She is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and a Brand Ambassador for Sony Alpha.


-Hotel Lodging on all nights based on Single Occupancy.
-Photography, Post Processing Instruction, Image Critiques.
-Park Entrance Fees

Not Included

- Transportation from your home to Hanksville, Utah.
- Transportation to shooting locations.
- Travel insurance highly recommended.
- Meals, Snacks and drinks.

Refund Policy

If canceled by participant 60 days before start of workshop credit can be applied to future workshops.
If canceled within 60 days of start of workshop no refund will be issued.

Workshop fee: $2995

Deposit $1000 due at time of registration.
Full amount due 60 days prior to start of workshop.